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    Shanghai air-conditioning installation charges

    Shanghai air-conditioning installation charges
    Charge standard (yuan) category R22 copper tube / meter R410 copper tube / meter Ordinary bracket / pay Stainless steel bracket Disassemble Installed / set Move the whole machine / set Dosing R22 / time Threaded elbow / pair
    1P / 1.5P 80 100 50 100 50 100 150 100 50
    2P / 2.5P 90 110 55 150 200
    ≥3P 110 120 100 130 100 200 300 150
    ≥5P 130 140 100 300 400 200
    category Dosing R410A / time Flexible hose / meter Own pipe / meter Foaming agent plugging holes / a Earth leakage protector / only Water tray / only Outer bracket Cabinet bracket / only /
    1P / 1.5P 250 5 10 (labor fee) 10 - 80 70 - /
    2P / 2.5P 300 100 100
    ≥3P 350 100
    ≥5P - -
    Special Note 1. Please confirm the length of the lengthened part before adding the tube. Our company charges according to the actual length. Please also check if it is a copper pipe. Our company is strictly forbidden to use other materials to extend the connecting pipe;
    2. If the original connecting pipe is an aluminum pipe, the lengthened copper pipe will be charged according to the actual price. Our aluminum pipe will not be recycled.
    3. If the manufacturer does not have a water nozzle for the external machine as standard, the installation fee will be charged at 60 yuan / unit (including the water nozzle and soft water pipe);
    4. Air conditioners above 2P are generally not equipped with a plug. According to GB17790-2008 Household and similar air conditioner installation specifications, for your safety, you must install a leakage protector;
    5. Commercial air conditioners without power cords are charged at 1.5mm: 6 yuan / meter 2.5mm: 10 yuan / meter 4mm: 18 yuan / meter
    6. Due to safety issues, it is recommended to use an extended expansion screw (300px) at 2 yuan / piece for external wall insulation, and a custom expansion screw (length greater than 325px) at 3 yuan / piece;
    7. It is recommended to use new brackets and related accessories for new machine installation. If you insist on using old brackets or old copper pipes and other accessories, please cooperate to sign the "Hidden Danger Notice";
    8. The brick wall does not exceed 25 cm, and our company uses percussion drills to drill holes for free. The wall over 25 cm or concrete walls and other special walls (including glass) shall be borne by the customers;
    9. User-supplied brackets need to charge 30 yuan for installation hours;
    10. If you need to use other accessories not mentioned above during installation, the user and the service staff will negotiate the charging price by themselves, and specify the charging details in the charging certificate.

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